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This awesome list of no carb snacks is here to help satiate you between meals and fuel you throughout the day!

Because one of the easiest ways to derail your low carb meal plan is to get too hungry. And snacks (better yet no carb snacks) are the perfect way to prevent that! Take the “I got too hungry” excuse out of your vocab and munch on these no carb snacks instead.



There are very few “no carb” foods — which is why this NO CARB snacks list is limited compared to a LOW CARB snacks list. But have no fear, there are plenty of tasty, protein packed options below!

The no carb snacks on this list are based on foods with 1 gram (or less) of net carbs —meaning the fiber minus the total carb count.


String Cheese

The perfect grab and go snack! This includes babybel cheeses, string cheese, or any sort of snack pack sized cheese.

Total Carbs: 1g per stick
Net Carbs: 1g per stick

Sliced Deli Meat

For a nice punch of protein, grab some sliced deli meat! Be sure to read labels as some products contain added sugar.

Total Carbs: 0.35g per slice
Net Carbs: 0.35g per slice
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