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Low Carb naan bread or keto naan bread, call them as you like those are easy healthy naan bread made with wholesome keto flours, no cheese or dairy with a real bread flavor. A simple keto vegan recipe that tick all diet, 100% Vegan + Dairy free + Egg free + Paleo + Gluten free. You won‚Äôt believe that those low carb naan bread with almond flour contains only 3.5 g net carbs per bread. ūüėČ



  • 1¬†cup¬†lukewarm water¬†(240ml)
  • 2¬†teaspoons¬†dry yeast¬†(10g)


  • 1/2 cup¬†coconut flour¬†(60g)
  • 2¬†tablespoons¬†ground psyllium husk¬†(10g)
  • 1/4¬†cup¬†blanched almond flour¬†(30g)
  • 1/4¬†teaspoon¬†salt
  • 3¬†tablespoons¬†olive oil¬†or vegetable oil of your choice (30ml)


  1. Place lukewarm water in a measuring jug. Stir in dry yeast. Set aside 5 minutes to activate the yeast.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, combine all the dry ingredients : coconut flour, psyllium husk, almond flour and salt.
  3. Pour in yeast mixture and olive oil. Use a spatula to combine at first, then knead the dough energetically with your hands for 2 minutes – not less!. The texture is very wet at first, drying out as you go. Knead for at least 2 minutes to make sure that the fiber from the husk and coconut flour absorb all the moisture.
  4. Form a ball of dough. Set aside for 10 minutes in the mixing bowl at room temperature.
  5. After 10 minutes, knead the dough again for 30 seconds. If too wet, add a little more husk and repeat the waiting process until the dough is soft, and easy to shape into a ball. Split the dough in 4 pieces. Shape 4 balls. This recipe makes 4 large naan bread, you can also shape 6 small naan bread by dividing the dough into 6 balls if preferred.
  6. Prepare two pieces of parchment paper. Place one on the bench top, place the dough ball in the middle of the parchment paper sheet and cover the ball with the second piece of parchment paper. Press the ball slightly to stick the paper to the ball.
  7. Use a rolling pin to roll the dough into a naan shape. Keep the dough slightly thick to mimic real naan bread. Remove top parchment paper layer. Reshape the sides of the naan bread with your fingers if needed for lovely smooth sides.
  8. Warm a non-stick crepe pan or pancake griddle under medium-high heat. When the pan is hot, flip over the rolled naan onto the pan, peel off parchment paper carefully and cook the naan bread for 1-2 minutes on high heat until black spots appears.
  9. Slide a large spatula under the bread to flip over and cook for 1 minute on that side or until brown/black spots forms. Those naan bread are large and heavy so a large spatula is a must to flip them over without breaking. Shape smaller naan bread if you don’t have a large spatula.
  10. Serve immediately, spread 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil or melted butter on top of each bread, crushed garlic and chopped coriander if desired.
  11. Repeat the rolling and cooking process for the following naan bread until no more dough left.

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