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Get prepared to rock you keto diet with the best low carb lunch ideas around.  Just because you want to eat  delicious foods it does not, repeat, does not mean you have to load up on carbs.

These low carb keto recipes for lunch will keep you full and keep you satisfied with your diet.  You will not feel deprived, or like you can’t enjoy all the foods you’ve always eaten.

There is so much to love here! If you love Philly cheesesteaks, I’ve got you covered. Are you a hot dog or pizza lover?  I’ve got something for you too!  Wraps, salads, and even empanadas, you’re going to be thrilled with these keto lunches.


1. Philly Cheesesteak Keto Roll (Via Keto Connect)Low Carb Lunch Ideas

Typically a Philly cheesesteak will be loaded with carbs, obviously, however this amazing creation will not break your keto diet.  I love cheesesteaks so this one is dear to my heart.  Trust me when I say this one is a real winner!

2. Southwest Chicken Salad (Via Kalyn’s Kitchen)Low Carbs Lunch

Get your Tex-Mex on with this delicious southwest salad. Loaded with flavor and an added bonus…it’s gluten free too. The chipotle ranch dressing will rock your world for sure!

3. Sriracha Beef Lettuce Wraps (Via Kalyn’s Kitchen)Keto Lunch

What a way to spice up your average everyday lettuce wraps! And I do mean spice, so depending on your tolerance use as much or as little Sriracha as you like. Personally I use a lot, but it’s totally up to you.

4. Italian Sub Roll Ups (Via KetoDiet Blog)Low Carb Lunch

You will love this awesome keto variation on an Italian sub. A smaller portion of this sub makes a killer snack as well!  Losing the bread doesn’t mean you have to lose flavor.

5. Avocado and Goat Cheese Prosciutto Roll-Ups (Via KetoDiet Blog)Low Carb Lunches

Avocados are full of all the good fats, potassium and magnesium you need if you’re on keto. Plus goat cheese is never a bad idea, right?

6. Greek Chicken Bowls (Via KetoDiet Blog)Keto Lunch Ideas

These Greek chicken bowls are amazing and full of fresh ingredients. Plus you’ll be able to make a big batch at a time to enjoy over multiple days, making it great for meal prep!


7. Spiced Beef With Tzatziki Sauce & Flat Bread (Via Hey Keto Mama)Low Carb Lunch Ideas

Another Greek inspired lunch, the beef filling is amazing. Her flatbread recipe is completely low carb and is a clever variation of  fathead dough. The homemade and creamy sauce has a fresh cucumber taste that finishes off the Greek wraps to perfection!


8. Blackened Steak Salad (Via Peace, Love, and Low Carb)Low Carb Lunch Ideas

Whoever said salads had to be boring probably never tried this amazing steak salad.  Packed full of delicious veggies as well, you’re sure to be satisfied and full for hours.


9. Chicken Club Stuffed Avocados (Via Hey Keto Mama)Low Carb Lunch Ideas

A creamy and delish avocado is the perfect vehicle for this chicken club mixture. This literally only takes five minutes to throw together if you cook your chicken ahead of time (or buy precooked chicken), so is a must on those busy days.

10. Spicy Tuna Rolls (Via Hey Keto Mama)Low Carb Lunch Ideas

Tuna is a typical staple of most people’s lunch routine.  This low carb, spicy twist on the classic tuna sandwich will make you forget all about the bread.

11. Caesar Salad Bacon Baskets (Via Carb Lunch Ideas

Bacon and caesar salad. Could there be a better combination? You’ll wonder how you ever lived without these magical creations.

12. Buffalo Chicken Empanadas (Via Mince Republic)Low Carb Lunch Ideas

When you merge empanadas and buffalo wings together you get this very tasty creation that will help you up your boring lunch game.  These low carb empanadas stuffed with buffalo chicken can be as spicy or mild as you want them to be, but they will always be delicious.

13. Cuban Sandwich (Via Mince Republic)Low Carb Lunch Ideas

I love Cuban sandwiches! To be honest I can’t get enough pork so a good Cuban sandwich will always be calling my name.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll be so happy you found this wonderful keto version.

14. Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Poppers (Via Peace, Love and Low Carb)Low Carb Lunch Ideas

Here’s another one for you buffalo chicken fans! Quick to prepare, easy to make, and absolutely addictive!


15. Bacon and Swiss Zucchini Bake (Via Joy Filled Eats)Low Carb Lunch Ideas

An awesome and tasty way to work some much needed veggies into your diet. Oh yeah, and there’s bacon too!

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16. Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers

Low Carb Lunches

Another fresh keto take on a Philly  cheesesteak, you will be sure to chow down on these bad boys!  Look at that melted cheese…I want to go and make a batch just looking at that picture!

17. Avocado Egg Salad with Cottage Cheese (Via Kalyn’s Kitchen)low carb lunch ideas

Kalyn always has a unique way of taking a loved basic like egg salad and adding her unique take to it. And dare I say she even makes it better!  Adding avocados and cottage to egg salad is a welcome twist and one that is so tasty, not to mention makes the dish high in protein.

18. Spinach Artichoke Pizza (Via Low Carb Maven)low carb lunches

Pizza, can you really ever go wrong?  Spinach and artichokes help you get your veggies for the day, all while eating delicious pizza. I’ll say it again….PIZZA!

19. Crescent Dogs (Via carb lunches

Pigs in a blanket? Hot dogs? Whatever you want to call them, you’ll be transported back to your childhood! Now can we go back to having summers off as well??

20. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches ( Via Keto Size Me)low carb lunch ideas

The most classic of all classic lunches.  Peanut butter and jelly just had to have a low carb keto version, and here it is… you’re welcome.  Now you can get your PB & J on whenever you want!

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